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Segment 2 Registration- Click On Link Above to Fill Out Registration Form
Dates: 9/13, 9/14, & 9/15 Times: 6pm-8pm 
To register for Menominee Segment 2 class, please fill out on line the Menominee Segment 2 Contract form.  Save the form to your computer and email the form as an attachment to  When we receive the form we will email you a conformation letting you know that your new driver is registered for the class. 
On the first day of class, a parent or legal guardian must bring to the classroom the student's Level 1 driver license and their drive log for verification that the new driver has meet the minimum requirements to participate in Segment 2 class. At that time the forms will be signed by a parent or legal guardian and the student.

If you cannot get the documents to open, please call us and we will send them to you